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Printed electronics

In this particular market, PET film is considered to be a very economic and efficient media for manufacturing printed circuitry. Normandy Coating offers its expertise in the chemical surface treatment and heat stabilization of PET films. These processes provide superior surface adhesion for conductive inks and industrial adhesives, together with greater dimensional thermal stability. NC’s thermally stabilized film, offers less than 1mm/ linear meter for thicknesses 75,100 or 125 µm. A wide variety of PET film in thicknesses and clarity (visual appearance) are available.

There are numerous applications

  • flexible keyboards,
  • heating elements,
  • switches,
  • airbags sensors,
  • presence detectors on seats
  • pressure and temperature regulators

Electronic components are influencing our daily lives and PET film is one of the most adapted media for use within these widely used components.
From an economically and technical standpoint, PET film treated by Normandy Coating, provides a combination of characteristics which allows accurate, precise and robust printing of the conductive inks, while ensuring dimensional stability of the substrate.