Lamination, printed electronics, transfer onto textiles, labels, graphic arts and many more.


Thermally Stabilized Films, Matt, White Opaque and Transparent, in thicknesses 23-500µm

High performance, “state of the art” purpose built manufacturing equipment


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Normandy Coating listens to its customers and works together with them, to achieve success



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For the team at Normandy Coating, being “a partner” means building a strong and dynamic relationship with its customers.
By firstly gaining a thorough understanding of the specific needs of the client, we can then provide a range of tailored solutions, aimed at providing the best and most consistent results.

Capitalizing on 50 years of experience in the surface treatment of Polyester films (formerly Rhône Poulenc and Regma), Normandy Coating is now supplying to more than 50 countries throughout the world. This continued success has enabled an extensive re-investment program, which recently has culminated in the development and installation of a brand new processing line, providing increased flexibility, productivity and improved technical performance.


Polyester film, or PET as it is more commonly known, is a high performance, flexible plastic material used across a wide range of industrial applications. With exceptional physical and chemical properties, it is PET Film which is used by Normandy Coating as the base material for its Chemical Treatment and Thermal Stabilization processes. With decades of experience and knowledge in the area of coated films, Normandy Coating is a pioneering organization and has perfected the skills and techniques required to successfully apply such enhancements. Combined with its manufacturing expertise and knowledge across a huge range of diverse markets, Normandy Coating is working successfully in partnership, with all of its customers, to constantly develop new, improved materials and markets.