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The chemical treatment of the surface is specially designed to accommodate the customer’s own requirements. This is particularly important when the NC material is then subsequently bonded to further layers or materials. The increased surface tension achieved by NC, can improve the speeds achieved for these subsequent processes, improving productivity.

The particular performance criteria of the chemical surface treatment produced by NC, is the critical factor in meeting the needs of the final application. The eventual “Peel Force” performance can ensure a reduced risk of de-lamination from other substrates and with this optimized surface tension, can also improve production speeds for any subsequent layers.

The surfacing treatment technology offered by NC, with its sophisticated application of fine silicium particles, enables a huge range of possibilities for further adaptation. One such additional improvement, offered by NC, is that of annealing the film, which has the added benefit of minimizing the Thermal Shrinkage of the PET film. These two primary processes, provide an endless combination of surface properties and can be ideally suited for providing improved adhesion or antistatic performance.