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Labels and tags

New and more sophisticated techniques for label and tag production are required to meet the demands of today’s markets. These include Hi-tech (RFID) labels, Multi-Functional (Split Layers), Tamper Proof labels and many other combinations, requiring more elaborate printing techniques. PET based labels serve an increasing part of this market and particularly Color Laser, Ink Jet, Thermal Transfer, Screen Printing, Flexographic and UV printing technologies are all popular methods for producing today’s labels and tags. Many of these applications benefit from the NC’s range of chemically surface treated PET films.

They offer improved printing quality with excellent high resolution reproduction and increased Ink adhesion, on a substrate that has superb mechanical properties with no tearing, excellent resistance to chemicals, UV, moisture, etc. NC’s comprehensive range of products is well suited to a wide spectrum of retail markets, including food, cosmetic, perfume, medical and industrial printing. Every application has its’ own set of requirements and with NC’s many years of experience, they are well placed to offer a solution to suit your needs.