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Graphic arts

At NC our knowledge and experience in producing high quality products, allowed us to develop a complete range of media, adapted to all kinds of printing, color imaging, technical CAD CAM drawing applications.

These treated PET films are used in mechanics, electronics, architecture, engineering, construction, geographic systems, visual communication and advertising media.

Les références haut de gamme STABIPHANE et ARCOPHANE proposent performance et sécurité dans l’utilisation, fiabilité et haut de gamme dans les applications pour le bureau d’études, haute résolution en noir & blanc et en couleur, excellente compatibilité entre le support et le matériel pour l’impression bureautique.

The world of printing is constantly evolving and over the last 20 years, we have seen a strong move away from analogue to digital printing, from Diazo copying to Laser copying. NC has developed a range of products, to support not only the current market but has a determination to support the ongoing developments of the new markets, long into the future. NC supplies materials for Screen printing, Flex, Off set, Laser, Inkjet Indigo all of which have excellent performance characteristics for conductivity, appearance, resolution, color contrast, precision, ink retention etc.